Where it all began

The famous question I often get is “When did you know you wanted to be a wedding planner?”. Well, I’m going to tell you exactly where my journey began. 

October 3, 1998 I had my very first job in the wedding industry, to toss flowers down the aisle of my aunt and uncles wedding. Most four year olds would be timid to do this job, and some may not even make it down the aisle without crying, but not me! This day was the very beginning of my journey in the wedding industry.

My aunt and I before the ceremony 

The moment I saw my aunt in her wedding dress I was in complete awe. I always thought she was beautiful but when I saw her in her wedding dress with her eyes sparkling and the biggest smile on her face I knew there was something extraordinary about weddings. After she got dressed for the best day ever we took a ton of photos before heading to the church. I got to ride in a limo! YUP THAT’S RIGHT my very first limo ride! We got to the church and I walked down that long aisle tossing petals like a pro along side my brother who was the ring bearer. Moments later the church doors opened and everyone stood watching my aunt walk down the aisle. At this point I remember looking at my uncle looking at his bride and that was such a special moment to me. The church was filled with so much love and happiness and I knew that being a part of someone’s most special day was something I wanted to do over and over again. 

THEY’RE MARRIED!!! That was the best feeling! I felt so happy for them and I wish I could have lived in that moment forever. We all danced the night away, they smashed cake in each other’s faces and then we sent them off on their honey moon in a decked out car with “just married” decorations all over it. I wanted to live this day over and over and over again.

I was obsessed with weddings, watching every wedding show on TV, sitting in the store on the floor looking at wedding magazines while my mom shopped, asking everyone in my family if I could come to their wedding even though no kids were allowed, or just dreaming up all different ideas for weddings. My mind was, and still is, constantly thinking about weddings. 

I went into college thinking that being a Wedding Planner wasn’t an achievable career for me. Everyday I was so upset that I would never be able to have my dream job. I stepped out of my comfort zone and started working in the industry and told myself that I was going to become a wedding planner no matter what it took. I never planned on started my own business so young but I thought hard about it and decided to take a leap at just twenty-three years old and I haven’t looked back since. AMC Weddings is my pride and joy and I LOVE what I do. I was a little girl with a dream and now I am living my dream, thanks to my aunt and uncle’s fairytale wedding.

October 3, 1998

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