Danielle & Joey

Danielle & Joey // Castle Hill Inn // September 9, 2018

Meeting your high school sweetheart and having a fairytale ending with them is only something we see in movies, right?  For Danielle and Joey this fairytale ending was as real as it gets! They were in the same class one year and Danielle couldn’t stop staring at the cute boy in her class. Fast forward a few months and they became boyfriend and girlfriend on valentines day. They remained together through all of the ups and downs, changing high schools, going off to different colleges and pursuing different hobbies and careers. Nothing could break these two a part.

April of 2017 was when they would hit a huge milestone. They went to Beavertail State Park and before Danielle knew it Joey was on one knee asking her to be his wife. To no surprise she said “YES!”. After sharing the big news with everyone the wedding planning had begun.

Newport, Rhode Island was the perfect place for Danielle & Joey to say “I do”. Castle Hill Inn  stole their hearts and they knew this would be the perfect setting to start their forever.

September 9, 2018 was the day their closest family and friends gathered around to watch these two love birds say “I do” and celebrate the start of a lifetime of love and happiness.


Danielle spent the morning surrounded by her closest girlfriends. They kicked off the day singing songs, dancing around, talking about old memories and laughing uncontrollably.

Opening gifts from each other before heading over to the church.


That just married feeling! Look at all of those smiles!

Details. Details. Details. 

Bridal party GOALS! This bridal party was such a blast! Each and every one of them have a special bond with Danielle and Joey and you could feel how happy and excited they were for their friends to finally tie the knot! 



Danielle and Joey’s number one supporters!

a love that will last a lifetime.

Dancing the night away with World Premier Band!

Danielle shared a very special dance with her Grandpa Sal. Look at the smile on Grandpa Sal’s face! (guys I fell in love with Grandpa Sal! he is the sweetest person ever) Fun fact about Grandpa Sal, not only does he love his grandkids very very much BUT he got to see ALL of his grandkids get married, all within one year!!! Such a blessing!

The night ended with a bang (literally). There is no other way to end a fairytale wedding than with a grand show of fireworks!


Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness!


Wedding Planner: AMC Weddings

Photographer: Massart Photography

Signage: Details and Swirls

Videographer: JB Horn Film

Florist: Sayles Livingston Design

Venue: Castle Hill Inn

Rentals: Exquisite Events Decor

Hair & Makeup: Complex Beauty 

Cake: Sweet Indulgence 

Band:World Premier Band


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